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Dfffrnt is seeking investors to participate in its
Seed Funding Round driving further enhancements
of its revolutionary Around App.

With a clear vision to transform the way people connect and navigate their surroundings, Dfffrnt aims to bring the power of Around App to more countries and propel its functionality to new heights.

This investment opportunity presents visionary investors with the chance to be part of a game-changing venture, driving the evolution of Around App and shaping its future as it revolutionizes the way individuals interact with their environment.


Around is a game-changing lifestyle app. It simplifies tasks, shopping, and reservations all in one place. Plus, it lets you earn money through its "Working Mode." Say Hello to

"Find All Your Needs
and Monetize Your Skills"


Fragmented and Inconvenient Platforms

Existing apps lack a unified platform for everyday needs, causing complexity and fragmentation.
Users must download multiple apps to find services, products and book reservations, leading to a disjointed experience.

Absence of a thriving C2C market

Existing platforms primarily focus on B2C transactions, overlooking the potential of direct peer-to-peer exchanges like gig community and neglecting Generation Z's desired work-life balance.
(Based on GOBankingRates survey - 42% of Gen Z Prioritize Work-Life Balance Over Traditional Jobs)

Establishing and Managing Business

Giggers or Businesses struggle to find and manage customers, and to market their services effectively in the digital era due to high costs of Reflecting thier identity by hiring developers, designers, and marketers to establish an online presence.


Around is the Solution Where you
Find All Your Needs And Montize Your Skills, it provides:

All-in-one solution

Discover nearby Businesses, order products, and complete tasks and book reservations from the same app.


Giggers can bid their offers based on Requesters requirements. Requesters have the freedom to choose the offer that best suits their budget.

Income opportunities

Allowing Giggers to utilize their skills and expertise to earn additional income.

Business Powerhouse

Empowers Giggers and Businesses with advanced tools to establish an online presence all at an affordable cost.


The name "Around" derives from the essence of discovering what surrounds you. It represents the concept of exploration and goes beyond a mere focus on services and products. With Around, users feel a sense of discovery as they explore everything they need, transcending traditional boundaries.

This philosophy is intricately woven into the user experience, where Around becomes the ultimate companion, facilitating connections between Clients and Giggers/Businesses.

Around App has already gained traction with over 200 users and is available on multiple mobile platforms, providing widespread accessibility and convenience to its growing user base.

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Find All Your Needs

Get Things Done by placing tasks!

Need someone to clean your house or fix your broken phone screen? With Around, you can post your task, receive bids from skilled professionals, and choose the one that suits you best. No more hassle, just efficient solutions.

Exploring and Shopping Made Easy

But Around doesn't stop at tasks. It allows you to explore and shop effortlessly, all from the same app. From food to fashion, you can find and purchase all your needs without switching between multiple platforms.

Simplifying Reservations

And that's not all. Around also simplifies reservations, whether you want to book tables at your favorite restaurants or secure sports court slots for your next game.

Monetize Your Skills

Earn Additional Income

Hold the reins of your professional journey. Enjoy the autonomy to work on your own terms, whenever and however you desire. By creating a compelling profile and showcasing your skills, you open the doors to receiving relevant tasks that align with your skills and expertise.

Around is not another platform to post your skills or business on
and let it fade in the background

It is the all-encompassing solution you've been waiting for. With Around, you have the freedom to customize your profile like creating a dynamic website where you can list your skills, products, posts and create personalized pages with a variety of captivating styles that truly embody your business identity. It serves as a powerful dahsboard, allowing you to effortlessly manage all your tasks and orders in one centralized hub.

Say goodbye to the hassle of maintaining separate platfroms and websites. The best part? All these exclusive features are available to you at an incredibly affordable price point. Compared to other solutions in the market, Around is a true game-changer, offering a comprehensive platform that is 95% cheaper.
(Based on Multiple Sources - Average website with 2 pages is 700RM. Around Pricing can be found in Revenue Model Section)


Target Audience

Around is designed to cater to a diverse range of individuals and businesses between the ages 18 to 55, making it an inclusive platform for various target audiences.

Freelancers and Skilled Professionals

Seeking opportunities to showcase their talents and connect with clients can find immense value in Around.

Small and Medium-sized Businesses

Aiming to establish their online presence, promote their products or services, attract new customers, and streamline their operations can leverage the powerful features and tools offered by Around.

Market Size

Fueled by a considerable internet adoption rate and the strong purchasing inclination of its population, Malaysia's e-commerce sector is experiencing significant growth, projected to expand by a compounded annual growth rate of 24 percent.

Revenue Model

Around uses three revenue streams to generate profit


Taking a 5% commission on completed transactions not 15% or 18% like competitors, ensuring a fair and sustainable business model. For subscribed plans, the commission rate can be further reduced.


Three subscription plans tailored to the needs of Creators /Businesses. These plans, ranging from 40RM to 100RM per month, provide additional benefits and features.


Advertising opportunities for Creators/Businesses to promote their products and services. By leveraging the platform's wide user base and targeted advertising capabilities, businesses can effectively reach their desired audience and increase their brand exposure.


Unlike its competitors, Around offers a comprehensive and integrated platform that goes beyond just services. With Around, users can enjoy a seamless and all-encompassing experience that caters to their diverse needs.


Offers multiple services but lacks organization and structure in their approach to service provision. It lacks the integration of products and the ability to reflect the business identity within user profiles.

Service Hero

Primarily caters to corporate clients, focusing on professional services but has a limited network of service providers. They specialize in supporting businesses in need of specific professional services.


Specializes in providing delivery and pick-up services to businesses within the Klang Valley service region. They concentrate on selected services to assist and cater to the needs of business enterprises.


Around is currently seeking a funding round of 1 Million RM to propel its growth trajectory and solidify its position as a market leader. This investment will enable Around to enhance its platform, further innovate its offerings, and establish a distinct competitive edge. By securing this funding, Around aims to strengthen its market presence, surpass its competitors, and deliver an unparalleled user experience to its expanding user base.

Marketing Costs

The cost of promoting the app to attract users. This may include the cost of running social media ads, creating content marketing campaigns, attending industry events, or hiring a public relations firm to generate buzz around the app.It may also include offline marketing, such as flyers or posters, to raise awareness of the app with local audiences.

Operational Costs

The cost of hiring a team of developers , designers and testers to test the app for bugs, and ensuring it is compatible with different devices. Plus, maintaining and updating the app.This may also include the cost of licensing fees for third-party software or services used in the app.


Development Phase Completed

Beta Testing Phase Completed

Iterative Improvement Phase Completed

Final Testing and Public Release Completed

Small Marketing Campaign Completed

Seed Funding In Progress

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